enum GLib::ErrorType


The possible errors, used in the v_error field of #GTokenValue, when the token is a %G_TOKEN_ERROR.

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Enum Members

Unknown = 0_u32

unknown error

UnexpEof = 1_u32

unexpected end of file

UnexpEofInString = 2_u32

unterminated string constant

UnexpEofInComment = 3_u32

unterminated comment

NonDigitInConst = 4_u32

non-digit character in a number

DigitRadix = 5_u32

digit beyond radix in a number

FloatRadix = 6_u32

non-decimal floating point number

FloatMalformed = 7_u32

malformed floating point number

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Instance Method Detail

def digit_radix? #

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def float_malformed? #

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def float_radix? #

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def non_digit_in_const? #

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def unexp_eof? #

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def unexp_eof_in_comment? #

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def unexp_eof_in_string? #

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def unknown? #

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