enum GLib::TraverseType


Specifies the type of traversal performed by g_tree_traverse(), g_node_traverse() and g_node_find(). The different orders are illustrated here:

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Enum Members

InOrder = 0_u32

vists a node's left child first, then the node itself, then its right child. This is the one to use if you want the output sorted according to the compare function.

PreOrder = 1_u32

visits a node, then its children.

PostOrder = 2_u32

visits the node's children, then the node itself.

LevelOrder = 3_u32

is not implemented for [balanced binary trees][glib-Balanced-Binary-Trees]. For [n-ary trees][glib-N-ary-Trees], it vists the root node first, then its children, then its grandchildren, and so on. Note that this is less efficient than the other orders.

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g_type : UInt64 g_type

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def in_order? #

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def level_order? #

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def post_order? #

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def pre_order? #

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