enum GLib::TokenType


The possible types of token returned from each g_scanner_get_next_token() call.

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Enum Members

Eof = 0_u32

the end of the file

LeftParen = 40_u32

a '(' character

RightParen = 41_u32

a ')' character

LeftCurly = 123_u32

a '{' character

RightCurly = 125_u32

a '}' character

LeftBrace = 91_u32

a '[' character

RightBrace = 93_u32

a ']' character

EqualSign = 61_u32

a '=' character

Comma = 44_u32

a ',' character

None = 256_u32

not a token

Error = 257_u32

an error occurred

Char = 258_u32

a character

Binary = 259_u32

a binary integer

Octal = 260_u32

an octal integer

Int = 261_u32

an integer

Hex = 262_u32

a hex integer

Float = 263_u32

a floating point number

String = 264_u32

a string

Symbol = 265_u32

a symbol

Identifier = 266_u32

an identifier

IdentifierNull = 267_u32

a null identifier

CommentSingle = 268_u32

one line comment

CommentMulti = 269_u32

multi line comment

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Instance Method Detail

def binary? #

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def char? #

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def comma? #

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def comment_multi? #

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def comment_single? #

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def eof? #

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def equal_sign? #

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def error? #

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def float? #

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def hex? #

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def identifier? #

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def identifier_null? #

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def int? #

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def left_brace? #

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def left_curly? #

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def left_paren? #

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def none? #

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def octal? #

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def right_brace? #

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def right_curly? #

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def right_paren? #

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def string? #

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def symbol? #

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