module Gio::PollableOutputStream


#GPollableOutputStream is implemented by #GOutputStreams that can be polled for readiness to write. This can be used when interfacing with a non-GIO API that expects UNIX-file-descriptor-style asynchronous I/O rather than GIO-style.

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Constructor Detail

def self.cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self #

Cast a GObject::Object to self, throws a TypeCastError if the cast can't be made.

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Class Method Detail

def self.cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self | Nil #

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def self.g_type : UInt64 #

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Instance Method Detail

def can_poll : Bool #

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def create_source(cancellable : Gio::Cancellable | Nil) : GLib::Source #

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def is_writable : Bool #

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abstract def to_unsafe #

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def write_nonblocking(buffer : Bytes, cancellable : Gio::Cancellable | Nil) : Int64 #

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def writev_nonblocking(vectors : Enumerable(Gio::OutputVector), cancellable : Gio::Cancellable | Nil) : Gio::PollableReturn #

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