enum GLib::UnicodeType


These are the possible character classifications from the Unicode specification. See Unicode Character Database.

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Enum Members

Control = 0_u32

General category "Other, Control" (Cc)

Format = 1_u32

General category "Other, Format" (Cf)

Unassigned = 2_u32

General category "Other, Not Assigned" (Cn)

PrivateUse = 3_u32

General category "Other, Private Use" (Co)

Surrogate = 4_u32

General category "Other, Surrogate" (Cs)

LowercaseLetter = 5_u32

General category "Letter, Lowercase" (Ll)

ModifierLetter = 6_u32

General category "Letter, Modifier" (Lm)

OtherLetter = 7_u32

General category "Letter, Other" (Lo)

TitlecaseLetter = 8_u32

General category "Letter, Titlecase" (Lt)

UppercaseLetter = 9_u32

General category "Letter, Uppercase" (Lu)

SpacingMark = 10_u32

General category "Mark, Spacing" (Mc)

EnclosingMark = 11_u32

General category "Mark, Enclosing" (Me)

NonSpacingMark = 12_u32

General category "Mark, Nonspacing" (Mn)

DecimalNumber = 13_u32

General category "Number, Decimal Digit" (Nd)

LetterNumber = 14_u32

General category "Number, Letter" (Nl)

OtherNumber = 15_u32

General category "Number, Other" (No)

ConnectPunctuation = 16_u32

General category "Punctuation, Connector" (Pc)

DashPunctuation = 17_u32

General category "Punctuation, Dash" (Pd)

ClosePunctuation = 18_u32

General category "Punctuation, Close" (Pe)

FinalPunctuation = 19_u32

General category "Punctuation, Final quote" (Pf)

InitialPunctuation = 20_u32

General category "Punctuation, Initial quote" (Pi)

OtherPunctuation = 21_u32

General category "Punctuation, Other" (Po)

OpenPunctuation = 22_u32

General category "Punctuation, Open" (Ps)

CurrencySymbol = 23_u32

General category "Symbol, Currency" (Sc)

ModifierSymbol = 24_u32

General category "Symbol, Modifier" (Sk)

MathSymbol = 25_u32

General category "Symbol, Math" (Sm)

OtherSymbol = 26_u32

General category "Symbol, Other" (So)

LineSeparator = 27_u32

General category "Separator, Line" (Zl)

ParagraphSeparator = 28_u32

General category "Separator, Paragraph" (Zp)

SpaceSeparator = 29_u32

General category "Separator, Space" (Zs)

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Instance Method Detail

def close_punctuation? #

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def connect_punctuation? #

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def control? #

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def currency_symbol? #

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def dash_punctuation? #

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def decimal_number? #

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def enclosing_mark? #

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def final_punctuation? #

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def format? #

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def initial_punctuation? #

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def letter_number? #

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def line_separator? #

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def lowercase_letter? #

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def math_symbol? #

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def modifier_letter? #

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def modifier_symbol? #

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def non_spacing_mark? #

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def open_punctuation? #

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def other_letter? #

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def other_number? #

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def other_punctuation? #

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def other_symbol? #

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def paragraph_separator? #

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def private_use? #

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def space_separator? #

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def spacing_mark? #

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def surrogate? #

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def titlecase_letter? #

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def unassigned? #

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def uppercase_letter? #

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