enum Gsk::RenderNodeType


The type of a node determines what the node is rendering.

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Enum Members

NotARenderNode = 0_u32

Error type. No node will ever have this type.

ContainerNode = 1_u32

A node containing a stack of children

CairoNode = 2_u32

A node drawing a cairo_::surface_t

ColorNode = 3_u32

A node drawing a single color rectangle

LinearGradientNode = 4_u32

A node drawing a linear gradient

RepeatingLinearGradientNode = 5_u32

A node drawing a repeating linear gradient

RadialGradientNode = 6_u32

A node drawing a radial gradient

RepeatingRadialGradientNode = 7_u32

A node drawing a repeating radial gradient

ConicGradientNode = 8_u32

A node drawing a conic gradient

BorderNode = 9_u32

A node stroking a border around an area

TextureNode = 10_u32

A node drawing a Gdk::Texture

InsetShadowNode = 11_u32

A node drawing an inset shadow

OutsetShadowNode = 12_u32

A node drawing an outset shadow

TransformNode = 13_u32

A node that renders its child after applying a matrix transform

OpacityNode = 14_u32

A node that changes the opacity of its child

ColorMatrixNode = 15_u32

A node that applies a color matrix to every pixel

RepeatNode = 16_u32

A node that repeats the child's contents

ClipNode = 17_u32

A node that clips its child to a rectangular area

RoundedClipNode = 18_u32

A node that clips its child to a rounded rectangle

ShadowNode = 19_u32

A node that draws a shadow below its child

BlendNode = 20_u32

A node that blends two children together

CrossFadeNode = 21_u32

A node that cross-fades between two children

TextNode = 22_u32

A node containing a glyph string

BlurNode = 23_u32

A node that applies a blur

DebugNode = 24_u32

Debug information that does not affect the rendering

GlShaderNode = 25_u32

A node that uses OpenGL fragment shaders to render

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def blend_node? #

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def blur_node? #

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def border_node? #

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def cairo_node? #

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def clip_node? #

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def color_matrix_node? #

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def color_node? #

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def conic_gradient_node? #

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def container_node? #

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def cross_fade_node? #

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def debug_node? #

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def gl_shader_node? #

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def inset_shadow_node? #

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def linear_gradient_node? #

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def not_a_render_node? #

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def opacity_node? #

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def outset_shadow_node? #

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def radial_gradient_node? #

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def repeat_node? #

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def repeating_linear_gradient_node? #

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def repeating_radial_gradient_node? #

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def rounded_clip_node? #

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def shadow_node? #

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def text_node? #

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def texture_node? #

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def transform_node? #

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