enum Pango::AttrType


The Pango::AttrType distinguishes between different types of attributes.

Along with the predefined values, it is possible to allocate additional values for custom attributes using AttrType::register. The predefined values are given below. The type of structure used to store the attribute is listed in parentheses after the description.

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Enum Members

Invalid = 0_u32

does not happen

Language = 1_u32

language (Pango::AttrLanguage)

Family = 2_u32

font family name list (Pango::AttrString)

Style = 3_u32

font slant style (Pango::AttrInt)

Weight = 4_u32

font weight (Pango::AttrInt)

Variant = 5_u32

font variant (normal or small caps) (Pango::AttrInt)

Stretch = 6_u32

font stretch (Pango::AttrInt)

Size = 7_u32

font size in points scaled by %PANGO_SCALE (Pango::AttrInt)

FontDesc = 8_u32

font description (Pango::AttrFontDesc)

Foreground = 9_u32

foreground color (Pango::AttrColor)

Background = 10_u32

background color (Pango::AttrColor)

Underline = 11_u32

whether the text has an underline (Pango::AttrInt)

Strikethrough = 12_u32

whether the text is struck-through (Pango::AttrInt)

Rise = 13_u32

baseline displacement (Pango::AttrInt)

Shape = 14_u32

shape (Pango::AttrShape)

Scale = 15_u32

font size scale factor (Pango::AttrFloat)

Fallback = 16_u32

whether fallback is enabled (Pango::AttrInt)

LetterSpacing = 17_u32

letter spacing (#Pango::AttrInt)

UnderlineColor = 18_u32

underline color (Pango::AttrColor)

StrikethroughColor = 19_u32

strikethrough color (Pango::AttrColor)

AbsoluteSize = 20_u32

font size in pixels scaled by %PANGO_SCALE (Pango::AttrInt)

Gravity = 21_u32

base text gravity (Pango::AttrInt)

GravityHint = 22_u32

gravity hint (Pango::AttrInt)

FontFeatures = 23_u32

OpenType font features (Pango::AttrFontFeatures). Since 1.38

ForegroundAlpha = 24_u32

foreground alpha (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.38

BackgroundAlpha = 25_u32

background alpha (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.38

AllowBreaks = 26_u32

whether breaks are allowed (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.44

Show = 27_u32

how to render invisible characters (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.44

InsertHyphens = 28_u32

whether to insert hyphens at intra-word line breaks (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.44

Overline = 29_u32

whether the text has an overline (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.46

OverlineColor = 30_u32

overline color (Pango::AttrColor). Since 1.46

LineHeight = 31_u32

line height factor (Pango::AttrFloat). Since: 1.50

AbsoluteLineHeight = 32_u32

line height (Pango::AttrInt). Since: 1.50

TextTransform = 33_u32
Word = 34_u32

override segmentation to classify the range of the attribute as a single word (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.50

Sentence = 35_u32

override segmentation to classify the range of the attribute as a single sentence (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.50

BaselineShift = 36_u32

baseline displacement (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.50

FontScale = 37_u32

font-relative size change (Pango::AttrInt). Since 1.50

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def absolute_line_height? #

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def absolute_size? #

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def allow_breaks? #

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def background? #

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def background_alpha? #

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def baseline_shift? #

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def fallback? #

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def family? #

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def font_desc? #

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def font_features? #

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def font_scale? #

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def foreground? #

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def foreground_alpha? #

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def gravity? #

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def gravity_hint? #

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def insert_hyphens? #

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def invalid? #

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def language? #

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def letter_spacing? #

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def line_height? #

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def overline? #

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def overline_color? #

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def rise? #

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def scale? #

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def sentence? #

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def shape? #

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def show? #

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def size? #

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def stretch? #

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def strikethrough? #

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def strikethrough_color? #

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def style? #

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def text_transform? #

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def underline? #

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def underline_color? #

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def variant? #

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def weight? #

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def word? #

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