struct Gtk::PrintOperation::PreviewSignal


Gets emitted when a preview is requested from the native dialog.

The default handler for this signal uses an external viewer application to preview.

To implement a custom print preview, an application must return true from its handler for this signal. In order to use the provided context for the preview implementation, it must be given a suitable cairo context with Gtk::PrintContext#cairo_::context=.

The custom preview implementation can use Gtk::PrintOperationPreview#is_selected? and Gtk::PrintOperationPreview#render_page to find pages which are selected for print and render them. The preview must be finished by calling Gtk::PrintOperationPreview#end_preview (typically in response to the user clicking a close button).

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from struct GObject::Signal

[](detail : String) : self [], name : String name

Constructor methods inherited from struct GObject::Signal

new(source : GObject::Object, detail : Nil | String = nil) new

Instance Method Detail

def connect(*, after : Bool = false, &block : Proc(Gtk::PrintOperationPreview, Gtk::PrintContext, Gtk::Window | Nil, Bool)) : GObject::SignalConnection #

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def connect(handler : Proc(Gtk::PrintOperationPreview, Gtk::PrintContext, Gtk::Window | Nil, Bool), *, after : Bool = false) : GObject::SignalConnection #

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def emit(preview : Gtk::PrintOperationPreview, context : Gtk::PrintContext, parent : Gtk::Window | Nil) : Nil #

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def name : String #
Description copied from struct GObject::Signal

The signal name

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