class Gio::FileMonitor


Monitors a file or directory for changes.

To obtain a #GFileMonitor for a file or directory, use g_file_monitor(), g_file_monitor_file(), or g_file_monitor_directory().

To get informed about changes to the file or directory you are monitoring, connect to the #GFileMonitor::changed signal. The signal will be emitted in the [thread-default main context][g-main-context-push-thread-default] of the thread that the monitor was created in (though if the global default main context is blocked, this may cause notifications to be blocked even if the thread-default context is still running).

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class GObject::Object

==(other : self) ==, bind_property(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags) : GObject::Binding bind_property, bind_property_full(source_property : String, target : GObject::Object, target_property : String, flags : GObject::BindingFlags, transform_to : GObject::Closure, transform_from : GObject::Closure) : GObject::Binding bind_property_full, data(key : String) : Pointer(Void) | Nil data, finalize finalize, freeze_notify : Nil freeze_notify, getv(names : Enumerable(String), values : Enumerable(_)) : Nil getv, hash(hasher) hash, notify(property_name : String) : Nil notify, notify_by_pspec(pspec : GObject::ParamSpec) : Nil notify_by_pspec, notify_signal notify_signal, property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil property, qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void) | Nil qdata, ref_count : UInt32 ref_count, run_dispose : Nil run_dispose, set_data(key : String, data : Pointer(Void) | Nil) : Nil set_data, set_property(property_name : String, value : _) : Nil set_property, steal_data(key : String) : Pointer(Void) | Nil steal_data, steal_qdata(quark : UInt32) : Pointer(Void) | Nil steal_qdata, thaw_notify : Nil thaw_notify, to_unsafe : Pointer(Void) to_unsafe, watch_closure(closure : GObject::Closure) : Nil watch_closure

Constructor methods inherited from class GObject::Object

cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self cast, new(pointer : Pointer(Void), transfer : GICrystal::Transfer)
, newv(object_type : UInt64, parameters : Enumerable(GObject::Parameter)) : self newv

Class methods inherited from class GObject::Object

cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self | Nil cast?, compat_control(what : UInt64, data : Pointer(Void) | Nil) : UInt64 compat_control, g_type : UInt64 g_type, interface_find_property(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface, property_name : String) : GObject::ParamSpec interface_find_property, interface_list_properties(g_iface : GObject::TypeInterface) : Enumerable(GObject::ParamSpec) interface_list_properties

Macros inherited from class GObject::Object

previous_vfunc(*args) previous_vfunc, previous_vfunc!(*args) previous_vfunc!, signal(signature) signal

Constructor Detail

def #

Initialize a new FileMonitor.

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def*, cancelled : Bool | Nil = nil, rate_limit : Int32 | Nil = nil) #

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Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def ==(other : self) #
Description copied from class Reference

Returns true if this reference is the same as other. Invokes same?.

def cancel : Bool #

Cancels a file monitor.

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def cancelled? : Bool #

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def changed_signal #

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def emit_event(child : Gio::File, other_file : Gio::File, event_type : Gio::FileMonitorEvent) : Nil #

Emits the #GFileMonitor::changed signal if a change has taken place. Should be called from file monitor implementations only.

Implementations are responsible to call this method from the [thread-default main context][g-main-context-push-thread-default] of the thread that the monitor was created in.

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def hash(hasher) #
Description copied from class Reference

See Object#hash(hasher)

def is_cancelled : Bool #

Returns whether the monitor is canceled.

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def rate_limit : Int32 #

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def rate_limit=(limit_msecs : Int32) : Nil #

Sets the rate limit to which the monitor will report consecutive change events to the same file.

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