module Gtk::Native


Gtk::Native is the interface implemented by all widgets that have their own Gdk::Surface.

The obvious example of a Gtk::Native is Gtk::Window.

Every widget that is not itself a Gtk::Native is contained in one, and you can get it with Gtk::Widget#native.

To get the surface of a Gtk::Native, use Gtk::Native#surface. It is also possible to find the Gtk::Native to which a surface belongs, with Gtk::Native#for_surface.

In addition to a Gdk::Surface, a Gtk::Native also provides a Gsk::Renderer for rendering on that surface. To get the renderer, use Gtk::Native#renderer.

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Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def self.cast(obj : GObject::Object) : self #

Cast a GObject::Object to self, throws a TypeCastError if the cast can't be made.

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Class Method Detail

def self.cast?(obj : GObject::Object) : self | Nil #

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def self.for_surface(surface : Gdk::Surface) : Gtk::Native | Nil #

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def self.g_type : UInt64 #

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Instance Method Detail

def realize : Nil #

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def renderer : Gsk::Renderer #

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def surface : Gdk::Surface #

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def surface_transform(x : Float64, y : Float64) : Nil #

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abstract def to_unsafe #

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def unrealize : Nil #

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