enum Gtk::CellRendererMode


Identifies how the user can interact with a particular cell.

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Enum Members

Inert = 0_u32

The cell is just for display and cannot be interacted with. Note that this doesn’t mean that eg. the row being drawn can’t be selected -- just that a particular element of it cannot be individually modified.

Activatable = 1_u32

The cell can be clicked.

Editable = 2_u32

The cell can be edited or otherwise modified.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def activatable? #

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def editable? #

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def inert? #

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