enum Gtk::NaturalWrapMode


Options for selecting a different wrap mode for natural size requests.

See for example the [property@Gtk.Label:natural-wrap-mode] property.

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Enum Members

Inherit = 0_u32

Inherit the minimum size request. In particular, this should be used with %PANGO_WRAP_CHAR.

None = 1_u32

Try not to wrap the text. This mode is the closest to GTK3's behavior but can lead to a wide label leaving lots of empty space below the text.

Word = 2_u32

Attempt to wrap at word boundaries. This is useful in particular when using %PANGO_WRAP_WORD_CHAR as the wrap mode.

Class Method Summary

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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def inherit? #

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def none? #

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def word? #

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