enum Gio::TlsProtocolVersion


The TLS or DTLS protocol version used by a #GTlsConnection or #GDtlsConnection. The integer values of these versions are sequential to ensure newer known protocol versions compare greater than older known versions. Any known DTLS protocol version will compare greater than any SSL or TLS protocol version. The protocol version may be %G_TLS_PROTOCOL_VERSION_UNKNOWN if the TLS backend supports a newer protocol version that GLib does not yet know about. This means that it's possible for an unknown DTLS protocol version to compare less than the TLS protocol versions.

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Enum Members

Unknown = 0_u32

No protocol version or unknown protocol version

Ssl30 = 1_u32

SSL 3.0, which is insecure and should not be used

Tls10 = 2_u32

TLS 1.0, which is insecure and should not be used

Tls11 = 3_u32

TLS 1.1, which is insecure and should not be used

Tls12 = 4_u32

TLS 1.2, defined by RFC 5246

Tls13 = 5_u32

TLS 1.3, defined by RFC 8446

Dtls10 = 201_u32

DTLS 1.0, which is insecure and should not be used

Dtls12 = 202_u32

DTLS 1.2, defined by RFC 6347

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g_type : UInt64 g_type

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def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def dtls10? #

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def dtls12? #

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def ssl30? #

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def tls10? #

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def tls11? #

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def tls12? #

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def tls13? #

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def unknown? #

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