enum Gtk::AssistantPageType


Determines the page role inside a Gtk::Assistant.

The role is used to handle buttons sensitivity and visibility.

Note that an assistant needs to end its page flow with a page of type %GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_CONFIRM, %GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_SUMMARY or %GTK_ASSISTANT_PAGE_PROGRESS to be correct.

The Cancel button will only be shown if the page isn’t “committed”. See gtk_assistant_commit() for details.

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Enum Members

Content = 0_u32

The page has regular contents. Both the Back and forward buttons will be shown.

Intro = 1_u32

The page contains an introduction to the assistant task. Only the Forward button will be shown if there is a next page.

Confirm = 2_u32

The page lets the user confirm or deny the changes. The Back and Apply buttons will be shown.

Summary = 3_u32

The page informs the user of the changes done. Only the Close button will be shown.

Progress = 4_u32

Used for tasks that take a long time to complete, blocks the assistant until the page is marked as complete. Only the back button will be shown.

Custom = 5_u32

Used for when other page types are not appropriate. No buttons will be shown, and the application must add its own buttons through gtk_assistant_add_action_widget().

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Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def confirm? #

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def content? #

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def custom? #

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def intro? #

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def progress? #

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def summary? #

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