class Gtk::FileFilter


Gtk::FileFilter filters files by name or mime type.

Gtk::FileFilter can be used to restrict the files being shown in a Gtk::FileChooser. Files can be filtered based on their name (with Gtk::FileFilter#add_pattern or Gtk::FileFilter#add_suffix) or on their mime type (with Gtk::FileFilter#add_mime_type).

Filtering by mime types handles aliasing and subclassing of mime types; e.g. a filter for text/plain also matches a file with mime type application/rtf, since application/rtf is a subclass of text/plain. Note that Gtk::FileFilter allows wildcards for the subtype of a mime type, so you can e.g. filter for image/*.

Normally, file filters are used by adding them to a Gtk::FileChooser (see Gtk::FileChooser#add_filter), but it is also possible to manually use a file filter on any Gtk::FilterListModel containing GFileInfo objects.

Gtk::FileFilter as Gtk::Buildable

The Gtk::FileFilter implementation of the Gtk::Buildable interface supports adding rules using the <mime-types> and <patterns> and <suffixes> elements and listing the rules within. Specifying a <mime-type> or <pattern> or <suffix> has the same effect as as calling Gtk::FileFilter#add_mime_type or Gtk::FileFilter#add_pattern or Gtk::FileFilter#add_suffix.

An example of a UI definition fragment specifying Gtk::FileFilter rules:

WARNING ⚠️ The following code is in xml ⚠️

<object class="Gtk::FileFilter">
  <property name="name" translatable="yes">Text and Images</property>
    <mime-type>image/ *</mime-type>

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Constructor Detail

def : self #

Creates a new Gtk::FileFilter with no rules added to it.

Such a filter doesn’t accept any files, so is not particularly useful until you add rules with Gtk::FileFilter#add_mime_type, Gtk::FileFilter#add_pattern, Gtk::FileFilter#add_suffix or Gtk::FileFilter#add_pixbuf_formats.

To create a filter that accepts any file, use:

WARNING ⚠️ The following code is in c ⚠️

Gtk::FileFilter *filter = gtk_file_filter_new ();
gtk_file_filter_add_pattern (filter, "*");

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def*, name : String | Nil = nil) #

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def self.new_from_gvariant(variant : _) : self #

Deserialize a file filter from a GVariant.

The variant must be in the format produced by Gtk::FileFilter#to_gvariant.

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Class Method Detail

def self.g_type : UInt64 #

Returns the type id (GType) registered in GLib type system.

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Instance Method Detail

def ==(other : self) #
Description copied from class Reference

Returns true if this reference is the same as other. Invokes same?.

def add_mime_type(mime_type : String) : Nil #

Adds a rule allowing a given mime type to filter.

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def add_pattern(pattern : String) : Nil #

Adds a rule allowing a shell style glob to a filter.

Note that it depends on the platform whether pattern matching ignores case or not. On Windows, it does, on other platforms, it doesn't.

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def add_pixbuf_formats : Nil #

Adds a rule allowing image files in the formats supported by Gdk::Pixbuf.

This is equivalent to calling Gtk::FileFilter#add_mime_type for all the supported mime types.

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def add_suffix(suffix : String) : Nil #

Adds a suffix match rule to a filter.

This is similar to adding a match for the pattern "*.@suffix".

In contrast to pattern matches, suffix matches are always case-insensitive.

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def attributes : Enumerable(String) #

Gets the attributes that need to be filled in for the GFileInfo passed to this filter.

This function will not typically be used by applications; it is intended principally for use in the implementation of Gtk::FileChooser.

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def hash(hasher) #
Description copied from class Reference

See Object#hash(hasher)

def name : String | Nil #

Gets the human-readable name for the filter.

See Gtk::FileFilter#name=.

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def name=(value : String) : String #

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def name=(name : String | Nil) : Nil #

Sets a human-readable name of the filter.

This is the string that will be displayed in the file chooser if there is a selectable list of filters.

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def to_gvariant : GLib::Variant #

Serialize a file filter to an a{sv} variant.

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