enum GLib::UserDirectory


These are logical ids for special directories which are defined depending on the platform used. You should use g_get_user_special_dir() to retrieve the full path associated to the logical id.

The #GUserDirectory enumeration can be extended at later date. Not every platform has a directory for every logical id in this enumeration.

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Enum Members

DirectoryDesktop = 0_u32

the user's Desktop directory

DirectoryDocuments = 1_u32

the user's Documents directory

DirectoryDownload = 2_u32

the user's Downloads directory

DirectoryMusic = 3_u32

the user's Music directory

DirectoryPictures = 4_u32

the user's Pictures directory

DirectoryPublicShare = 5_u32

the user's shared directory

DirectoryTemplates = 6_u32

the user's Templates directory

DirectoryVideos = 7_u32

the user's Movies directory

NDirectories = 8_u32

the number of enum values

Instance Method Summary

Class methods inherited from struct Enum

g_type : UInt64 g_type

Instance Method Detail

def directory_desktop? #

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def directory_documents? #

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def directory_download? #

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def directory_music? #

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def directory_pictures? #

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def directory_public_share? #

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def directory_templates? #

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def directory_videos? #

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def n_directories? #

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